Black & White Garden Photos and Quotes

I like the timeless quality and contrast that I can get when using black and white photography.  The pictures look like old-fashioned prints or postcards.

I took the pictures at Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago.  The humidity from the plants and flowers added a hazy, timelessness quality to the pictures.

What are your favorite black and white photographic images?  What types of pictures do you prefer to take in black and white?

I threw some quotes to go with the pictures.  I hope you like it.

Black and white photography offers an alternative way of seeing reality, a different mirror on the world, a powerful means of artistic expression.  John Garrett, The Art of Black and White Photography

Sweet veils of silver and soul-haze swam through all things and lay over all things.   Robert Walser, Selected Stories

Plant a garden in which strange plants grow and mysteries bloom.   Ken Kesey

In this fleeting life, there is nothing stronger than a visual idea or moment stopped in time forever.  And nothing does this better than a black-and-white photograph.  Richard Olsenius, National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Digital Black & White, National Geographic Photography Field Guides


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