Visit to Children’s Farm with Photos

As a child, I spent the occasional summer staying at my relatives’ farm in Minnesota. I collected eggs from the coop, milked cows, slopped the pigs, and fed the cattle. I ran around the fields with the other kids, till we tired ourselves out.

Through this experience, I learned to appreciate where food that goes on the table comes from. I have fond memories of those summers on the farm.

To me springtime is one of the best times to visit a farm; because it is when new life begins again with the fuzzy chicks, ducklings and goslings; and pet the piglets, ponies and goat kids. It is good for kids to be kids—run around the fields, interact with the animals, ride on a bale of hay or a pony.

The best way to learn can be by experience; to touch, smell and see.

I went back to a farm once again. The Children’s Farm I visited in northwestern Illinois opens in the beginning in March, and it was low-cost.

I snapped a lot of photos at the farm. What sort of animals do you see on a farm–rabbits, horses, donkeys, geese, pigs and chickens?

Here are the photos:

two geese

girl and rabbits


saddles for horses and ponies

chickens and roosters

farm friend with pigs, two goats watching


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