Wild Turkey Chase

Not too long ago, I found myself in rural Indiana chasing a pair of wild turkeys in a field.

I was in the area to photograph the dance of the sandhill cranes.  Since the warm weather came early this year, so did the cranes.  By the time I arrived to state park to see the cranes, they had danced in the fields and flown on to continue their annual migration north.

As I was leaving, I thought I spied sandhill cranes in the distance.  They looked like the  large brown, long-legged birds.  It turns out that it was a pair wild turkeys.

I tried to get closer to take a snapshot and the turkeys started running.  Wild turkeys run fast!

Finally, they stopped long enough for me to take a photograph of them in the distance.

two wild turkeys on the run

After the turkey chase, I watched the sunset through the trees.

sunset through the trees

Ok, I didn’t see the dance of the sandhill cranes.  I’ll try again in the Fall.

Instead, I chased wild turkeys and saw a beautiful sunset through the trees.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t about what I missed.  It was what I saw instead.

That’s life in the Midwest.


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