Soaring in the Sky – Model Airplanes

Up in the sky so high the model airplanes fly.

There are over 170,000 radio-controlled model airplane hobbyists in the US.  The sleek model airplanes are radio controlled with electric and miniature internal combustion or jet engines.  They are exciting to watch as they dip, turn and soar in the sky.

I had the chance to watch the planes at Morrill Meadow, a forest preserve, in southwest Chicago being operated by members of the 107th Aerial Squadron and Palos R/C (radio controlled) Flying Club.  Though there are benches to watch the action from the sidelines,  the laid-back fliers let me and the other people look over the planes and answered our questions.

Hobbies allow us to meet with friends and share interests while unwinding.  If you are a model airplane enthusiast, the meadow is designed and maintained for model airplanes with runway and flight regulations.  While you are there you might even see the Red Baron.  I did.

the Red Baron

two pilots talking about a plane

Testing the engine is part of the pre-flight phase.

airplane being readied for flight in the hangar

model airplane in flight

plane in the hangar, runaway in the background

wooden flying field regulations sign

What is your hobby?


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