Photos of Easter Egg Hunt

A holiday tradition of Spring that celebrates renewal with fun, candy, baskets and rabbits is the Easter egg hunt.   The  hunt for oval treasures is an adventure that requires nimble hands and quick feet.

Yesterday, I joined in an Easter egg hunt at Cantigny Park in Illinois.    A sunny day spent in a park with both young and old searching for plastic eggs to fill their baskets.

The young hunters were fast and furious through tulips in the garden with friends and families seeking the hidden eggs.  They dug, picked and scoured the ground for them; then turned them in at a tent for baskets and prizes.

All of us were entertained by a storyteller that had us listening to tales on the lawn.

There were rabbits for people to pet and learn about.  But they were not as popular as the big bunny.

volunteer with bunny

The very popular Easter Bunny chatted with children and sat for pictures.  There was a long line of people waiting to meet him.  Lots, lots of people and children throughout the park and the gardens carrying baskets.

Happy Egg Hunting!

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