Sail Around Globe

Have you ever dreamed about sailing around the world?  Or is your dream about climbing Mt. Everest?  Maybe it is competing in the Tour de France?

We all have our escapist adventure dreams, and some of us take that huge leap forward turn them into a reality.

I had watched this great video short film on Vimeo called “King of the Waves,” about a retired Royal Navy submarine commander, Bill King, who was sailed around the globe.  It’s a true story directed by a film student, Luke Leslie, in Ireland.

I was still thinking about that story, when I found out about a guy in the Midwest, also a true story, who is going to race around the world.

I was in Michigan City, Indiana, at the local marina when I heard about Dave Rearick.  Dave Rearick is going to sail around the globe in the Global Ocean Race (GOR) onboard the Bodacious Dream.   The Bodacious Dream is a Kiwi 40FC or Class 40 boat.  His co-skipper for the multi-legged parts of the race is Matt Scharl.

I wondered what inspired him to finally go for it.   Sailing around the world involves time, money, and risk.  It must be an amazing adventure.  I was intrigued, so I contacted him.  This is what Dave told me:

“I began sailing at age 12 off the beach in Indiana, just about 7 miles west of Michigan City.  From there, I learned to sail sunfish, lasers, hobie cats and then began to sail larger and different boats.

While about 12, I began reading about the sea and sailors…..and its somewhere there that my dream began.  I imagined sailing across the Atlantic solo and then circumnavigating the world.

Its been quite a few years since those days as I am now 54 years old, but I still have the dream, and can now realize it.  Its still a lot of work and will continue to be for a few years, but with the help of many people, I am sure I’ll be lucky enough to accomplish my dream. “

I’m going to visit his website to follow along the trip, at Bodacious Dream.

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