City by the Water

As a city by the water, Michigan City is aptly named.

In 1836, a small Hoosier harbor town by Lake Michigan became Michigan City.  So it has been offering locals and out-of-towners, like me, a chance to swim, boat and relax for a long time.  There is a lot of pier to pull up to with 2,276 feet long east pier and a 835 feet long west pier.

The laid-back beach vibe of the place appeals to me.  How can I describe it?  Hmm, it has nature–woods, parks, beach and dunes, lots of lake and sun, and urban attractions.  These include a craft beer brewery and pub with music, zoo, museums, galleries, parks.  I like that combination of activities, and it’s why I comeback for a visit.

The yachters mix and mingle with the kayakers.  People still pull up a lawn chair to fish, cast a line off the dock.  While I was here, I visited a gallery, checked out the docks and watched the fishing.  I will have to bring my gear next time.

Here are photos of city by the water, Michigan City dockside.

guys fishing off the dock, kayaker paddling in the water

inside Swingbelly’s, I liked all the things on the walls

Lighthouse Museum

sculpture in the park

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