Run or Walk or Cycle – Trails in Prairie

Why not run, walk or cycle on a reclaimed prairie trail created for public use?  That is what you can do with an unused railroad rail line that crosses through a few towns.  Clean it up, pave it and turn it into 9.5 miles of Erie – Lackawanna Trail for cyclists, runners and walkers.

Erie Lackawanna Trail

The Erie-Lackawanna Trail in the corner northwest Indiana is a well-maintained trail cutting through prairies and by farm fields.

I went for a day trip.  There were plenty of places along the trail to park a vehicle, then run, walk or cycle on the trail.


The small towns near the trail — Griffith with a park in the center of town and gazebo for outdoor events in the summer or Crown Point with a historic walkable downtown square—offered a place to grab a bite to eat.

cyclists rounding a curve

If you are a film buff, Crown Point has been used in movies like Dillinger with Johnny Depp.  Dillinger was a guest in the town’s old Lake County Courthouse jail.

The picturesque trail curves, winds through prairies of tall grass, wildflowers and small marshy areas.  You might want to bring your camera, like me.


one of entrances to the trail, next to parking place

Here is a map of the trail:

Erie Lackawanna Trail map


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