Architecture in Chicago

Up high the birds fly among the architecture in Chicago.  People walk by the buildings shaded from the sun, by the towering structures.

Chicago is the city of the big shoulders built of brick, steel and glass; edging all the way up to the sky.  A city of skyscrapers intersected by a magnificent mile, a loop, and a river.

Big buildings from different centuries co-exist along the skyline.  Occasionally older, smaller ones are torn down to be replaced by more modern, taller ones claiming their space in the clouds.  Mies Van der Rohe, Helmut Jahn, Stanley Tigerman, Frank Lloyd Wright, I. M. Pei, Charles Beersman, and Bruce Graham have left their architecturally designed imprints throughout the city.

I wanted to share pictures I took of classic Chicago architecture conveying the feeling of looking back at old snapshots in black and white.  I hope you like it.  Just a few of the city’s famous landmarks:

The Knickerbocker Hotel architecture in the 1920s and 1930s style.  Think speakeasy, jazz and bathtub gin–is said to be haunted.

Knickerbocker Hotel

Chicago sign

Early on cold mornings commuters walking along bridges on Wacker Avenue, running north to south, can smell the aroma of chocolate.  Why?  There is a chocolate candy manufacturer located just outside the city.

commuters in early morning on bridge

On the 95th floor of the Hancock Building there is a restaurant, viewing area on the 96th floor.  My ears pop in the elevator on the way.  It’s worth it, with the amazing views all around the city.

John Hancock Building

Tribune Tower was built by the owner of the Chicago Tribune Newspaper and is an example of gothic architecture.

Tribune Tower

Tribune Tower close up

The London Guarantee Building is a popular attraction on the Chicago River architectural tour.  It’s known for the temple style building at the top that was used for parties.

London Guarantee Building

The Wrigley Building built by the Wrigley gum, candy making family, is neo-classical style at its finest.

Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building clock

The Michigan Avenue Bridge like many of the other bridges opens and closes.  Michigan Avenue is also known as the magnificent or mag mile because of the architecture and expensive shops.  Sometimes ropes are strung across it in the winter due to the ice and strong winds off the lake.  Chicago is also nicknamed the Windy City for the politics and the strong winds.

Michigan Avenue Bridge

6 responses to “Architecture in Chicago

  1. I’d expect to see these photographs on Shorpy! Wonderful. You captured the period beautifully in this style.

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