Photos of an Old Mill

This week I toured the historic Graue Mill, Oak Brook, IL, a working mill since 1852, powered by water from Salt Creek that grinds corn, wheat with 150-year old buhrstones.  The mill in a four-story brick structure, by woods and a creek, was run by the Graue family for 60 years.

The mill still grinds with the giant stone gears turning.  The water runs through the mill-race.

It was also used as a stop on the underground railroad.  Throughout the building is a historical museum with information on its place in the underground railroad; and local history of the time period.

Here are photos from my tour:

Graue Mill

side view of mill wheel

mill race and wheel

chess set

mill gears


5 responses to “Photos of an Old Mill

  1. when i was a youngster on my folk’s Maryland dairy, i drove a wagon load of ears of field corn to the grist mill and they ground it into feed for the cattle – the last trip i made was in March of 1961 – i often wonder if they are still in business. I still remember watching the monster water wheel turn the huge millstones. no metal shafts, everything was built with massive lumber.

    what lured you to Illinois?

    i enjoyed all of the beautiful photos

    David in Maine USA

    • I grew up in the Midwest, and liked the four seasons. I spent the occasional summers on my relatives farm. We would rake the corn off the conveyor belts into the grain silo. I lived in Illinois, because of a work. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. The mill might still be in business.

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  3. I used to take my daughter there for walks when she was little (she’s now 30!). It looks like it is still very scenic.

    I moved away from DuPage County about 15 years ago. . . it’s nice to see some of the sights again. With my Mom having moved away to be closer to my sister, I doubt I’ll be going back again.


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