Weekly Photo Challenge – Sun and Ocean

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun, here are photos I took of the sun shining on the ocean and beach.  I was sitting on the warm sand with the sun shining on me as the waves washed over the beach, and listening to the sound of ocean when I took the photos.

sun, ocean and sand at Pacifica’s beach

The photos were taken at Pacifica, which runs along six  miles of California coast and beach, and has wonderful Mediterranean style weather.

The sun takes center stage as it shimmers on the water.

Do you have a favorite beach?  A well-remembered place by the ocean or sea?


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39 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Sun and Ocean

  1. Nice… I can feel the warmth.
    My fav beach is in Cuba… powdery soft sands and green blue waters… I also remember a fresh water lake we went to in Eastern Canada as a kid with fine grains of orangish rock… the water looked like orange kool-aid!

  2. The Oregon and California coast are magical. I did a trip down HWY 101 from Northern Oregon to Southern Cali and it was one of the most beautiful, exciting, serene and relaxing drives. Getting clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl after a surf or fueling up on eggs benny just before one, ahh it takes me back! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. The sounds of the ocean hitting against the shore and seagulls flying up in the beautiful blue skies is pure paradise. I visit my beloved Manasota beach too many time a week to mention. It is a tranquil respite to shed all of life’s issues. Your photo are mesmerizing. The colors are spectacular. Hypnotizing …. eye candy …!!!!!

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