A Day in Nature

I am celebrating Earth Day back in Illinois spending a day in nature.

Are you celebrating Earth Day today?  Are you going for a walk in the woods?  Maybe you are planning on puttering around in your garden?  Or perhaps you’re out on a mountain climb or a boat ride?

I know that woods, water and trails are part of the earth.  I am also part of the ecosystem of earth; impacting it every day.  The earth is old and I would like to know that it will be around surviving, thriving for eons, eons more.

Today I’ll be walking in the woods by the water and enjoying the day.  Are you looking for somewhere to go today in Illinois?   Here an idea, Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserves that includes part of the Salt Creek Trail and Greenway.  While I toured the Graue Mill and Museum by the woods, learned that they are co-hosting Earth Day activities with the Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserves in Oak Brook, Illinois.   Lots of forest preserves, parks and nature centers are offering lots of activities; check out one by you.

Here are my photographs for Earth Day that includes pictures of Fullersburg Woods, Salt Creek and from a historic walking tour and a map:

Fullersburg Woods became part of the DuPage County forest preserves in 1920, and is a 222-acre forest preserve.

Go Green

In and around the Fullersburg Woods Visitors and Nature Centers is metal art sculptures of insects.  Big bugs.

metal spider

In 1934, the Franklin Roosevelt New Deal Program to conserve natural resources funded a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp that was set up at Fullersburg Woods, and the workers built the visitors and nature education centers.  The CCC provided jobs to folks in America during the Great Depression.

path to Fullersburg Woods Visitors Center

Visitors Center

side view of Fullersburg Woods Visitors Center

view of Salt Creek from back of Visitors Center

In 1834, a man was carrying barrels of salt over the creek in a wagon.  The wagon got stuck and barrels of salt fell into the water.  That is how it was named Salt Creek.  Salt Creek is 30 miles in length, and is part of the Salt Creek Trail and Greenway running through towns that include Elmhurst, La Grange, and Schaumburg.  It’s a long walking and biking trail–popular with dog walkers too.

Salt Creek Trail

Mallard ducks swimming

ducks preening or cleaning their feathers

Graue Mill Dam and waterfall on Salt Creek

There is about a 2.5 miles of Salt Creek Trail that features a walking tour of historic Fullersburg.  The sites featured on the tour are the Graue Mill and Museum (more information on it in my earlier post “An Old Mill”), Frederick Graue House, Faith Fellowship Chuch, York Tavern and Ben Fuller’s House.

Graue Mill and Museum, stop on Underground Railroad

Frederick Graue House

Faith Fellowship Church, formerly St. John's Evangelical Church

Fuller House, on historic walking tour

Ben Fuller had a niece named Loie Fuller.  Loie Fuller grew up in Fullersburg and became a dancer.  She left Illinois for Paris, France, gained fame dancing in the Folies-Bergere.

La Loie Fuller, Folies-Bergere by Jules Cheret

Last stop on the historic walking tour is York Tavern originally known as “The Farmer’s Home.”

York Tavern, formerly The Farmer's Home

Walking Tour Map

Hope you like the post.  Enjoy Earth Day!

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