A Thing of Beauty

For Friday–Happy Arbor Day!

Here is my take for the Poetry Challenge on a thing of beauty, with a nod of appreciation to the poems of Robert Frost, John Keats and Joyce Kilmer.

tree in park

 A Thing of Beauty is a Tree

By me, Canoe Communications Blog

I welcome the cool relief of your shade,

As I have walked a long way to this glade.

I want to sit and rest my back against your bark,

As I listen to the song of a meadowlark.

There you stand tall before me,

In all your leafy glory.

From your limb I’ll move to and fro,

Hanging from a swing below.

Can I climb up you high,

To watch the sun shine in the sky.

In the spring, I hear the woodpecker’s tap,

While I lay against you for a restful nap.

During the autumn your leaves fall down,

scattering gold, crimson and orange colors on the ground.

Wintertime, with your branches bare;

You’re a stark silhouette in the frosty air.

You are a natural wonder to me,

With your many, many varieties.

And on this Arbor Day,

I want to speak my thoughts and say,

I think a thing of beauty,

From roots to trunk and leafs, is a tree.