Images of Riverside Tour

I went on a walking tour of Riverside, Illinois, a village that is one of the first urban planned communities in the US.  I wonder if the idea of new urbanism, a mix of urban planning and landscape architecture, is a desire to escape the economic maelstrom and live within a community of parks and centers for farmer’s markets and fairs where residents can stroll around town.

Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect, believed in a utopian ideal for the design a community.  In 1868, encompassing concepts of urban planning and landscape architecture, Riverside, Illinois, was developed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux as a sylvan-like community.

The planned community of 1600 acres of  village bordering the Des Plaines River in 1970 was designated a National Historic Landmark.  When you walk around Riverside, you might think that you are in an English village, an arrondissement in Paris, or Swiss hamlet; rather than a Midwestern town.

Olmstead and Vaux developed a comfortable place to live that would serve as an alternative to the chaotic life of a large city.  The village’s winding streets, parks, and shops were planned for residents’ enjoyment.

There is a trail that runs along the Des Plaines River or visitors can stroll through town for a walking tour.  I decided to do both the walking tour and some of the trail.

I wanted to share images of my tour of Riverside, and its historic architectural styles and trail.  The photos are followed by a maps and links to resources on Riverside.

Riverside Train Depot, 1902 20th Century Railroad Depot Style

Arcade Building, 1871 Gothic Style

Gothic architecture features the pointed arches, ribbed vault and flying buttress.

shops across from water tower, European and Swiss style

Aunt Diana’s on Burlington Street

First Division historic district of Riverside

Riverside Town Hall, 1895 French Chateau Style

town hall clock tower

The Chateau style architecture of building features a tower with crosses, steeply-pitched roof.

second floor stage area of Chateau style town hall

third floor with skylight of town hall

by start of trail near Guthrie Park

Guthrie Park

Des Plaines River, rear view of Riverside Town Hall and Riverside Public Library, Library 1930 Tudor Revival Style

trail along Des Plaines River

suspension bridge in park, trail behind fire station and town hall

I hope you liked the tour.

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