Schoolhouse in the Woods


A long, long time ago there was a small schoolhouse with one teacher that taught children reading, writing and arithmetic. It was a little one-room wood building painted red. The teacher would ring a bell to call the children in to class.

Little Red Schoolhouse

Over the years the town’s population grew and a new school was built to accommodate the increased number of children.   The people of town loved the old schoolhouse.  It was saved and became part of a forest preserves to be  used as center where folks of all ages could learn about nature.

Occasionally someone would rescue an injured animal and bring it to the center.


red tail hawk

At sunrise when the forest preserve opened, walkers came to hit the trail.


Busloads of school children continued to visit the little red schoolhouse and be taught about birds, frogs, plants, etc. They pet turtles, listened to an owl hoot, and watched snakes slither about.
The popularity of the place grew and the forest preserve district built a larger nature center.

Learning Center

Yet everyone cherished the little red schoolhouse so much that it stayed.
Visitors to the Little Red Schoolhouse Forest Preserve explore the all the exhibits in the Nature Learning Center that is located next to the Little Red Schoolhouse.

wigwam of the style of the Native Americans that were the area’s first inhabitants

wetlands exhibit

old sculls of animals that live, lived in the woods


They walk the Black Oak Trail by the Long John Slough as it curves, winds through woods.

Long John Slough

Do you have a little red schoolhouse in your area?  Do you have a favorite nature place that you visit?

Is there a memory from your youth of woods, lake, mountain or glen?  One this special to you and filled memories?


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