Images of Art Masters at Park

This is a special post about park art or public art.  It is about masters of art at a park.  I discovered a treasure of an art collection in a park.  It’s not outdoor sculpture, statues or anything like that at all.

It’s a collection of 500-600 paintings in acrylics, oil and watercolors; posters and busts, etc.   The collection contains paintings by Mary Cassatt, Frederick Freer, Maxfield Parrish, Charles Sneed William, George Frederick Buehr, Walter Frances Brown and John Grabach. This large, impressive art collection is filled with portraits, landscapes, Impressionists and more.

It is the Vanderpoel Collection of the Vanderpoel Art Association that was begun in 1913 by friends of John H. Vanderpoel.  He was an acclaimed artist, teacher at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.  One of his pupils went on to fame and fortune painting abstract flowers and the western landscapes of New Mexico, Georgia O’Keefe.

The art collection is in a gallery on the second floor of the Ridge Park Fieldhouse in Chicago, on 96th Street and Longwood Drive.  It is part of the Beverly Hills or Beverly neighborhood.   Amid a park with tennis courts and walking path is a solid two-story unassuming brick fieldhouse.  The first floor has a fitness room, class space, etc.

Ridge Park Fieldhouse

When I entered the building and looked, I found it hard to believe that it held a large gallery.  I was led upstairs and into a gallery that was filled to bursting with stellar art.

Here are my photos of some paintings from the collection:

Chicago’s Backyard, George Frederick Buehr

Maxfield Parrish, the King of Hearts

Solitude, Maxfield Parrish

John Grabach

woman looking at fishbowl

Jack Creese, Charles Sneed Williams

Roscona at Sunrise, Water Frances Brown




John H. Vanderpoel

2 responses to “Images of Art Masters at Park

  1. This painting “Chicago’s Backyard, George Frederick Buehr” is captivating. I love the way he captures the back streets of a Chicago neighborhood. The museum sounds like a fascinating place to visit. Since museums are my favorite thing to frequent I will add that name to my travel journal in the event that I travel that way. I had seen Georgia O’Keefe in New Mexico and then again when her work traveled through Florida and was at the Art Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida for a few months. She has an interesting story and her paintings are very much the subject of controversy. Nice post … enjoyed it.

    • This gallery is jam-packed with amazing art. I walked around looking gazing up and down. I was sort of awestruck by the quantity and diversity of the art work. Then I found out that he had been one of O’Keefe teachers. Many great artist are controversial, interpretative. 🙂

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