Lion, Tiger and Zoo Photos

The Amur tiger and African lion roared and snored during my visit to Brookfield Zoo.

It was sleepy time at zoo for the animals, mammals, and birds.  The claws, paws and jaws were in the sun and shade taking an afternoon off.  The weather was warm with a gentle breeze in the air.

I had a leisurely stroll through Brookfield Zoo while the animals were lulling around in the sun resting.  The animals were oblivious to people peering at them and trying to get their attention.

Children and adults were the most active mammals at the zoo during my visit.  They children were bounding around with excess energy and excitement.  They ran around checking out the Great Bear Wilderness, Big Cats, Fragile Desert, Habitat Africa, Living Coast, etc.

The carousel with zoo animal rides was in full musical twirl.  One of the most popular spots was the walk through water-spout fountain.  It was a cool, wet splash of fun on a hot day.  I was tempted to try it.

Watching the tiger, lion, hippo and others at rest finally got to me too.  I sat on a bench in shade and took a break.  You know what?  That was a great idea the wildlife had.

Here is my photographic essay of sleepy time at the Zoo, of pictures I took before my nap.

napping baby hippo

napping hippo

relaxed penguins

birds roosting in the swamp

zoo carousel

fun with water fountain at Splash Pad

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