Travel Theme – Summer Fun

Summer with flip flops, sun lotion, fun and travel is almost here.  Are you ready for summer?

I’m sharing some of mine summer fun things in a Photo Challenge about summer.  You’re invited to play.  Where’s my backpack is hosting a travel theme challenge on summer:

May is a perfect time to starting thinking about summer.   Summer with great dance music, barbeques, baseball games, and cold ice cream.

When I think about summer, I think about the beach, boating, camping and travel.

Hey, your idea of summer might be a shaded porch, cold ice tea and a good book.  Everyone has their own idea of  how to spend a summer.  Does your summer involve travel to an exotic locale or a ranch?

Or do you want to visit an ancient wonder of the world?

What is your idea of summer fun?  Summer adventure?

Join in the fun and share it.

For me summer fun is “just add water:”

Beach, Sun, Sand, Waves

Boat, Canoe, Sails, Water, Wind

Camp, Tent, Bluffs, Hills, Mountains

fun with water fountain at Splash Pad

Have fun.


6 responses to “Travel Theme – Summer Fun

  1. Love it, where were the photos of the beach and the boats taken? Water – the perfect ingredient for summer! Thanks for joining in the photo challenge! xxx Ailsa

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