Photos of River Tour

It’s a sultry, hot Sunday in the Midwest.  I am still thinking of my recent tour of the Illinois River in America’s Heartland.

The views from the Heartland are decidedly different from those of the big cities like Chicago.  The landscape is wide open skies, cliffs and hills and the large, long Illinois River.

Travel along the river is at the speed of barges, fishing boats and canoes with  a languid ease.  I’d like to invite you to relax and ride along on a river tour with me.

The tour begins:

Illinois River Bridge

Illinois River Bridge

 Pelican in flight

pelican in flight

 In the water’s wake.

Water’s Wake

It is white bass season when the lilacs bloom.  Men fish off the banks of the river.

Fishing off the Banks, White Bass Season

 The Starved Rock Lock & Dam provides hydroelectric energy to the area.

Rock Island

Rock Island

The LaSalle Barge and Crane Barge operate on the river.

LaSalle Barge

 The Illinois River rose sixteen feet and flooded the area in 1982.  The John M. Warner towboat was wrecked during the flood.  Parts of the towboat were salvaged and are on display at the Illinois River Visitor’s Center.

John M Warner Towboat

Warner Towboat Light

Light from John M Warner

 Towboat’s Propeller

Towboat Propeller

Starved Rock at Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock

Why not just add water for summer?  Try the Illinois River or a lake or ocean by you for waterside fun.  Safe travels.


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