Weekly Photo Challenge – Pet Parade

newfoundland and Captain America

Summer in the Midwest is full of parades, fairs, ice cream social, garden walks, races and more.  If it sounds  a little like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life, well it is for me as a Midwesterner.

Today, I read the Weekly Photo Challenge is Today.  I just attended the LaGrange Pet Parade this morning.  It finished a little while ago.  Now the fair and carnival rides are starting.  Here is my submission for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Pet Parade.  I swapped out the larger photos with smaller ones to make it easier to open.   I added a gallery at the bottom.

I was going to post this tomorrow, but read the photo challenge for today.  Enjoy your Saturday!


brass section

magic carpet ride

Medina Temple black horse brigade

senoritas in the Ensemble Espanol

Brookfield Zoo float


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