Travel Theme: Rhythm

This weekend I thought about rhythm.  Rhythm takes many forms.  There is rhythm in music that makes us tap our feet, claps our hands and get up on the dance floor.  The catchy rhythm of a song that stays in ours heads for days where we can’t seem to stop humming to.  There is rhythm in motion with choregraped moves that turn steps into a dance performance.

I had rhythm on my mind wondering how could I capture it on camera.  It was an interesting opportunity this week to join in Where’s My Backpack Travel Theme: Rhythm.

As I stood on the sidelines of a parade with rows of laughing, boisterous people; rhythm came marching down the street my way.

I heard the drums roll, trumpets sounds and the cymbals crash.  I listened to the musical rhythm and watched coordinated movements of two very different marching bands.  Let’s strike up the bands.

This band is a traditional marching band with matching uniforms, helmets and woodwind, brass and percussion section.  It’s sort of fitting a band with Lyons in its name performed at a pet parade celebrating animals.  I took this photograph of them getting ready to get their musical march on.

Lyons Township High School Band

Lyons Township High School Band

I called this band the Zebra Marching Band.  I didn’t catch their actual name, but I think my name works for them.  They were a fun, colorful dancing band that had us swaying on the sidelines.

Zebra Band dances and performs with drums

Zebra Band dances and performs with drums

Do you have rhythm?  Join the photo opportunity for fun in this week’s Travel Theme: Rhythm.

10 responses to “Travel Theme: Rhythm

  1. My daughter’s a drummer so I know all about rhythm! You caught the movement splendidly. thanks for visiting my blog–and the iridescent green bug.

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