Rhythm of New Orleans

French Quarter street

I still wanted to explore the Travel Theme: Rhythm that I blogged about in my last post and the photo challenge.  I thought that when I write about rhythm, one city always comes to mind.

New Orleans has a jazzy rhythm or an upbeat zydeco dance tune quality.  Maybe it’s the humid heat that gives the Big Easy a languid beat.  It’s best to visit the city with a unstructured timetable of where, when, what and why to tour the town.

Let the French Quarter and the city leisurely unveil its self to you as you explore the sights, smells and sounds of New Orleans.  New Orleans and Louisiana have led to the creation of jazz and zydeco music.

My photographs from a past visit to New Orleans in the Fall.  It was a stormy day that added slightly dark undertones and atmosphere to the pictures.

My earlier blog post on New Orleans  contains travel information and different pictures from another visit to the town.

Let the good times roll and enjoy the views of New Orleans.

musicians play at the Gazebo Bar & Cafe

Jazz Band Fountain

Jazz Band Fountain

St. Louis Cathedral and the French Quarter

What city embodies rhythm to you?  What place or town fills your soul with music?  Want to share your thoughts and/or photos on this?

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