W is Waves of Water

water washes over the rocks

water washes over the rocks

W is for waves of water and a walk along the shore at the lake.

I watched the waves of water hit the shore.  The rocks were slimy emerald-green colored by the algae that coated them.  They looked like large emeralds lying just below the surface.  From a distance they created a semi-precious illusion made by the elements of nature.

As the sun shimmered on the water, the waves continued to hit the shore.  The cool water looked inviting on a warm day.  It was impossible to wade into the water barefoot, because the rocks were wet, slippery and uneven with sharp edges.

I walked on along the shore searching for a spot where I could strip off socks and shoes and cool my feet in the water.  Eventually I found the spot further up the shore around the curve of the lake.  Barefoot I stepped into the water.  Ah!  It was worth the wait.


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