Don’t Fence Me In

white horse

white horse, white fence at equestrian center

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, don’t fence me in.

Well, sometimes we all need closure.  Fences are to keep something out or something in.  An ivy-covered garden gate, wrought-iron fence or wire fence for vegetable patch is a needed, stylish addition to where we live.

Whatever the reason as much as we like the open lands and lawns stretching on forever; sometimes we need the gates, fences and closures around us.  I have an assorted, ok oddball, bunch of photographs of fences, gates.

My photography tip is pick one topic or element of design or architecture such as fences and gates, stairs or even door knobs and build a collection of photos.  When you are out photographing a building or vista, look for that one item.  Why?  It’s an opportunity to try different angles, distances and colors or filters with one topic.  Just have fun with it.  You’ll see below how many different views I got from one topic.

I’ve put together a gallery of photos some scenic and some whimsical of fences, gates, etc. for you.

Just click on one photograph to increase the size of the image and view it in slide show format.  Hope you like it.

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