X is for Ten Commandments

I’m a late entry to the X letter photo challenge.  I was stumped.  I didn’t think I would find anything.  Then I remembered X is the Roman numeral 10.

I have a photograph for it. I took it today.  It fits so well it’s almost biblical.

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments

I found the stone tablet of the commandments outside an old courthouse.  It’s sort of fitting.



4 responses to “X is for Ten Commandments

  1. “X is the Roman numeral 10!”
    That’s a very creative curve watching X! and sometimes it would be a creative curve to follow at least some of the 10 commandments. In the cabarets I often hear very funny versions of the 10 commandments!

    • Thank you! I thought I wouldn’t find anything to fit with this week’s X challenge. There is an interesting story behind the group that donated that tablet. It’s a charitable organization started by movie theater owners that wanted to do good deeds. They are credited with the Mother’s Day holiday and Social Security being instituted in the U.S. They donated stone tablets of the commandments for different buildings in the U.S.

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