trolley barn

trolley barn

“Towns are like people. Old ones often have character, the new ones are interchangeable.”   Wallace Stegner

Today’s post is a photo tour of an old country town with a lot of character.    Old Frankfort is an old country town with lots of gardens and buildings dating from the 1800s. It’s a tranquil urban oasis amid the developed, growing Frankfort in Will County.  A town with luxuriant flower and plant gardens on the lawns of historic homes.  The grainery tower stands tall in the main square.

I enjoy walking around the town seeing the old buildings in the square.  I walk the side streets to look at people’s gardens and lawns. I say hello to people sitting on their porches and they chat with me.  We talk about the how the day was going or upcoming events.  Locals always provide good tips about what’s going on and where to eat.

I walk the 22 mile Old Plank Road Trail.  The Old Plank Road Trail is part of the rails to trails nationwide program that converts old railroad tracks into paths and trails open to the public.  Old Plank Road was converted from the Michigan Central Railroad.  You’re invited on a visual tour of the town in the photo gallery below.

To view the photos in slide show format, just click on one below.

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