Street Art

I’m taking it to the street with Where’s My Backpack’s photo challenge on art this week. So much of street art is an unexpected and pleasant surprise.   When you visit a gallery or museum, you may already know what you’re going to see.

Street art is often something you walk or drive by.  It catches you off guard by its creativity, medium, placement and topics.  It’s public art that is there for you viewing pleasure with no tickets required.  This week’s photo game gives me an opportunity to share images of street art that I’ve walked and driven by.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was a famous blues artist with an amazing legend.  The story goes that Johnson was walking on the “crossroads,” I think in Mississippi.  It was a dark night and Johnson met up with a stranger.  It was Satan himself.  He offered Johnson a deal to make him a great guitarist and tuned his guitar.  In exchange, he would get Johnson’s soul.  I’ll let you decide if it’s true or not, but Johnson did become a blues legend.  Here is a link to a rare video of Johnson with music.

bronze scuplture on St. Charles main street

bronze sculpture on St. Charles main street

I walked by on the other side of the street, and at first glance thought it was someone smoking a cigar.

Roy Lichtenstein mural

art about art, Lichtenstein at the AIC

A mural advertising  an exhibit on Roy Lichtenstein on an Chicago expressway.  I wasn’t driving.  I managed to grab a quick shot of it.

Have any favorite art images to share?

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