American Diner with a Twist

Where’s My Backpack encouraged us to eat this week with the Travel Theme: Food.  Thank you for that.

While I was in La Grange for a visit, I looked for some place to eat.  Hey, I need food pictures right.  There is no dearth of dining options in this town.  It’s a popular town for tourists coming for the day, so there are lots of little shops and restaurants.

La Grange, Illinois, is a Norman Rockwell kind of Midwest town with tree-lined streets an old movie theatre, news stand, sweet shop and classic American diner serving up comfort food.  It’s a porch community, where the houses have porches in small, medium, and large sizes.

Café Calbay is a classic American diner with a healthy twist serving lighter fare and lots of vegetarian options.  On Burlington Street across from the La Grange Road train station and down the block from the newsstand in an old brick building is the Café Calbay.

Cafe Calbay

Cafe Calbay

The café is decorated in 1950s style with booths and a long counter and stools.  It serves all the diner classics of breakfast (eggs, pancakes, waffles all sorts of ways), three-story sandwiches, salads, soups and specialty sandwiches along with old-fashioned malts and sodas.

malt, soda fountain

malt, soda fountain

side wall of fame

side wall of fame

There are surprises on the menu that include a wide variety of vegetarian options, kids menu and the eggs hollandaise Florentine.

When I’ve ordered eggs Florentine in the past at other places, it’s always been served as scrambled eggs with spinach added.  I saw it listed on the menu and ordered it for brunch with the unlimited coffee.  I was a little leery about ordering the eggs hollandaise, because the taste and consistency can vary a lot.   Ok all the coffee is unlimited and the service is fast, friendly.

About my order, well the toasted, just the right kind of crunchy English muffin was topped with sliced tomato and lightly sautéed spinach on top of which was a poached egg with hollandaise sauce.  When I sliced it with the knife the yolk oozed out.  It looked good.

Eggs Hollandaise Florentine

Eggs Hollandaise Florentine

It tasted delicious.  Some of the best hollandaise sauce I’ve ever had.  It was creamy with a little zest and a subtle cheese flavor.  The dish was served with a side of crispy, tender hash browns.   As you can tell by the photo, my meal portion was large.  It was very affordable.   There is a supply of lollipops and crayons near the cash register to give the people who bring their children to eat.

I’d recommend the place to people visiting the town.  I’d definitely go back again for another meal.  If you do go for a visit, take an opportunity to stroll around the charming little town.  Everyone walks around La Grange to window shop, dine and walk around the neighborhood.

The gallery includes pictures of the town for a sidewalk tour.


5 responses to “American Diner with a Twist

  1. A great selection of photos there. I like eggs florentine, but – these days I think I’d stick to making it myself, as you say it can vary so much. Last time I had a decent one out was years ago in New Zealand, but it was a definite winner. Classic combination and so easy to get wrong 😦 so good to hear you found a decent place.

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