A Bay Foal

a bay foal with a white star on his head

a bay foal with a white star on his head

At a farm stand that sells fruits and vegetables there is a pasture with horses grazing and a bay foal.

The reddish-brown colt’s mane is like a short brush with bristles sticking straight up in the air.  He curiously edges to the fence to sniff me.  I pet his soft muzzle and neck.  He checks my hand for treats.  Everything is new and exciting to the young foal.  The mare stands nearby keeping a watchful on him.

He slowly moves over to the mare on long, spindly legs.  His tail seems too long for his body.  She looks him over and gives him a gentle nudge with her head.  Then he walks over to her hindquarters to nurse.  The mare stands quietly and lets me caress her; while her foal feeds.

I had a wonderful encounter with the sweet foal and gentle mare at the farm stand.  I took the pictures to keep the memory of this recent meeting.

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