Weekly Photo Challenge – Grow

A tree grows tall nourished by sun, soil and water.  A tall tree provides sanctuary with shade from the sun on hot days and a trunk to lean on for rest.  I see the beauty in a tree.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth, I thought of trees that grow from the seeds in a pine cone to a pine.

pine cone

pine cone


The birch tree shedding its bark as it grows.  It peels like paper.  Nature provides us with the bark to make into canoes.


peeling birch tree

peeling birch tree


What picture means growth to you?  Join the photo challenge.


22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Grow

  1. I love the image of the birch – but my husband’s family owns a Christmas tree farm – so we’ve watched those trees grow from seeds to… well Christmas tress (with all the steps and years in between)… so the pine cone gets my vote!

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  3. great pics… my favorite is the pinecone… I´m also doing a photochallenge on my blog and it´s so interesting to see what other people are doing!

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