Fishing Buddies

boys fishing

boys fishing

You grab a line and I’ll grab a pole.  I’ll meet you at the fishing hole buddy, friend of mine.  Two friends, two poles and a lake filled with the promise of fish add up to a perfect summer day.  Childhood friendship is formed over a shared love of fishing.

In an earlier post of mine, F is for Fishing, three local fishing spots in the southwest suburbs of Chicago are featured with information on types of fish.

Cast a line and enjoy your day.

6 responses to “Fishing Buddies

  1. This is great. All that beautiful blue and then a little bit of pink top right. Nice. Gone fishin’ …:-)

  2. Childhood friendship is formed over a shared love of fishing…
    – or playing guitar – or riding horses – or using canoes – or booking a dancing lesson – or making a bicycle journey, climbing a mountain etc. …

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