Weekly Photo Challenge – Real or Not

Real or not?  You see a picture and something about it seems odd or wrong.  Are your eyes deceiving you?  Can you believe it or not?  For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong, I have a photograph of a mermaid and pink snake.  I ask you if they are real or not?

Pink Snake

albino snake

albino snake

Real or not?  It’s the real deal.  Nature creates a vast diversity of life and some amazing creatures.  The albino snake does not produce enough melanin to give it a normal snake pigmentation, and so it appears pink.



Real or not?  Not.  This is a man-made mermaid that was not created by nature.  It’s a hoax, created in 1842 and  made popular by P.T. Barnum and Robert Ripley, that was made by combining the skeleton of a monkey and a fish with lots of papier-mache.  I snapped the picture at an exhibit on art.

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Real or Not

  1. eeewww…..very rare. Good post for the challenge. I couldn’t find anything wrong. Wait. Let me re-word that. I didn’t do the challenge! I have a lot that’s wrong in my images! lol Thanks for your visit! Great blog!

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