A Covered Bridge

covered bridge

covered bridge

Walk inside a covered bridge and go back in time to the days of horse-drawn carriages and wagons rolling over creaky wood floor boards.  A roof shelters travelers from the elements and sun streams through the cross-slat sides.  In the 1800’s, covered bridges were common throughout the US.   Innovation and modern transportation turned the bridges into wooden relics of a past age replaced by highways.

Romance and Covered Bridges

Covered bridges, knicknamed kissing bridges, are quiet hideaways that attract couples.  Robert Kincaid, a National Geographic photographer, travels on assignment to Iowa to photograph a county’s bridges in The Bridges of Madison County, a fictional best-selling novel.  The story was turned into a popular movie starring Clint Eastwood as the taciturn Kincaid and Meryl Streep as Francesca Johnson, expatriate Italian and lonely farmer’s wife, he meets and falls in love with on his trip.   While photographing the covered bridges, love blooms between Robert and Francesca.  Kincaid speaks his thoughts and emotions through his photographs and a shared love of poetry.  The book and movie highlight the love story and the romantic beauty of the bridges.

Fall Colors and Covered Bridges

Fall season is a popular time to tour covered bridges.  The country landscape takes on rich colorful hues accented against the old weathered covered bridges.  Covered bridges are in counties across the US.  During October two of the largest, most well-known covered bridge festivals are held in Madison County Iowa and Parke County Indiana.  Parke County has 31 covered bridges, probably the most in one county in the US.  Madison County has 19 bridges.

Festivals have attendees from around the US coming for the music, vintage cars, period costumes, storytelling, and historic bridges.

Covered Bridge Stories, Covered Bridge Festival, Madison County, Iowa, October 13 -14, 2012

Covered Bridge Festival, Parke County, Indiana, October 12-21, 2012

Do you have a covered bridge in your town or county?

Photos of a Covered Bridge

creek and covered bridge

creek and covered bridge

inside a covered bridge

inside a covered bridge

view of creek

view of creek

covered bridge roof

covered bridge roof


42 Annual Madison County Covered Bridge Festival

(from Boblink 123)

10 responses to “A Covered Bridge

    • There are covered bridges in regions of the US that get heavy snowfall in the winter; and around Amish communities using wagons and carriages or buggies. I visited your post to see the secret sunken garden and covered bridge. A covered bridge with a roof of gnarled roots is strange and magical at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like that before. The secret garden with koi pond looks like a serene, beautiful place. I can see why it’s popular for weddings and photos. Thanks for sharing the magical spot.

  1. These photos are fabulous. I DO know of one that I now plan to get myself to. And I’ll be looking out for more, because I’m thinking Jersey is hiding these from me. OMG! Great movie. Eastwood? Yes!

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