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I recently received the Adventurous Blogger Award from a traveler, and an adventurous one.  It’s exciting.  I want to thank her for the award!  I love to travel whether it is a day hike or a long trip.

The award is given by bloggers to bloggers and passed on to continue.   I appreciate nominating me for the award.

Part of the award process is to tell you some things about myself and to nominate twelve other bloggers.  It’s hard for me to nominate just twelve, because there are so many intriguing travel blogs.

I understand if a nominated blogger doesn’t want to participate.  It’s okay.  I still enjoy your blog and please keep adding lots of the pictures.

Questions & Answers:

In which country or region would you like your next adventure to be?

Midwest:  Apostle Islands (Wisconsin) or the Ozarks (Missouri) or Tettegouche (Minnesota)

New England: Smuggler’s Notch (Vermont)

Rockies: Jewel Basin Hiking Area (Montana)

West: Valley of Fire (Nevada)

If I’m dreaming big: Scottish Highlands for hiking and salmon fishing; New Zealand to Australia to Singapore; or photo safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Where would you recommend for an adventurous time?  

Portaging in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, backpacking in Shawnee National Forest, renting a lighthouse on Lake Michigan, boating or canoeing the Mississippi River–it’s a long river, whitewater rafting in Wisconsin or staying on a ranch in the Great Plains.

Most interesting culture: 

The next culture I’m fortunate to learn about.  Every culture I learn about is interesting.  American culture is very diverse and offers me the opportunity to learn about so many within just one country.

Favourite activity:  Traveling and mixing arts with outdoors while meeting locals and fellow travelers.
Most dangerous risk taken:   I’ve climbed in non-designated areas or accidentally hiked into bear country.  I try to travel safely and check first now.

Favourite quotation: Live in the moments that matter.  

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Happiness is: Is found in small and large ways everyday.  A great cup of coffee.

I nominate 12 bloggers:

I’d love to travel with these travel planners:

A few travel blogs with ideas, travel spots and tips, and a good forum:

Offers great guides and travel trips for folks on a budget and I read about other travelers on the community:

A blog travel culture magazine, and other bloggers can share photos of trips:

A photographer who travels on assignment to National Parks and writes about it and shares tips:

Mountaineer, hiking, climbing adventure blog with great photos:

Blogs about an adventure travel life with humor:

Great travel blog to visit for ideas on where to go for a weekend or week:

A world traveler of a blog:

A traveler that brings humor, faith and a camera on trips:

Travels around the world and includes guest posts and photos:

A couple that travels to cool places and writes about it:



18 responses to “Adventurous Blogger Award

  1. I appreciate the nomination from a fellow traveler 😉 It’s great that you have many adventures in store. I believe that life is an adventure!

    Never stop dreaming and it’s great to step out of the comfort zone.

    Happy & safe travels.

    Kay 😉

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR AWARD. Thank you for nominating me for this award. It means a lot to me as I travel in my retirement years with the idea of adventure and new experiences. Thank you for your kind words regarding my blog. I always enjoy your post and learn much from them.


  3. I’m flattered by the nomination and delighted that you enjoy my blog. Thank you. Don’t ever stop adventuring. I don’t remember much of the “stuff” I have bought in my life, but every cent spent on travel has been repaid many times over in great memories and an enriched life.

  4. We’re humbled and honored by your nomination — congrats on your award too! Enjoying your blog and discovering all the others you recommended. Thanks so much!

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