Travel theme – Textures of Art

bronze tortoise

bronze tortoise sculpture

 tortoise sculpture

Sculpture is a visual and physical textured art.  I see and touch smooth surfaces, ridged waves or curves of a face in sculpture.   I think it is a fun three-dimensional art.  An eons old art form created from the earliest civilizations still practiced today.  Sculpture is classical, modern and contemporary running a gamut of styles that reflects craftsmanship and feelings of the artist who created it.

blue glass flowers

blue glass and metal floral sculpture

floral sculpture

As Pygmalion, in ancient Greek mythology, created a sculpture that came to life, other artists desire to breathe life into their sculpted creations.  Sculpture is an design that can be interpreted with my hands.

blue space ship

blue space ship sculpture

space ship sculpture

I travel to sculpture gardens and parks to see and touch sculpture and feel the textures.   At the Sculpture in the Park in Mt. St. Mary Park, in St. Charles, I photograph sculptures while walking a loopy path through the park.  For Where’s My Backpack’s Travel theme – Textures, I did Textures of Art.

bronze potter

bronze potter sculpture

The Potter

stone wave

wavy stone sculpture


silver metal sculpture

silver cube sculpture


Art is meant to be enjoyed whatever way we experience it with our senses.

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