Best Places to Live No. 1 in Indiana

Carmel from Wikipedia

Carmel from Wikipedia

Midwest town named best place to live in America.  This Indiana town, with a low unemployment rate of 4.5%, tops a list of 100 of America’s Best Places to Live in 2012 annual survey and rankings list by Money magazineThree Midwestern towns rank in the top 10, with 29 of them making the list of 100.

Carmel, Ind., earned the top spot with low unemployment and property taxes, having a small town style while being close to the large metro area of Indianapolis.  Eden Prairie, Minn., and Overland, Kansas, join Carmel making the cut for the top 10 cities.  I’ve visited all the Midwestern states listed, and a lot of others states listed.  I was interested to see which towns were on the list and why they made it on the list.

city shops

city shops

CNN Money factored the data using six factors of Arts and Leisure, Economy, Education, Employment, Health and Home Affordability determining that these factors are important to people and help them decide where they want to live.  Low crime and school rankings were also factored into the research.  Then it ran the numbers to compile a list of 2012 100 of America’s Best Places to Live. 

Wouldn’t you want to live in a town with low unemployment, affordable housing, optimum healthcare, plenty of arts and leisure and lots of parks and recreation?  I’d add free Wi-Fi and a great yearly festival to the list for me.  I can use the list as a travel guide for new places to visit in the Midwest and throughout the U.S.

If you are considering moving to a new town, state or region; this list may help in your research and the factors that you and/or your family value highest.

courthouse and stormy sky

courthouse and stormy sky

The towns on the list are bedroom communities and small to mid-size towns that are a reasonable commute to a larger metro area.  Many of the towns on the list have colleges located in town or in a neighboring town that provide access to free or low-cost arts and leisure.  There is access to healthcare and emergency healthcare for residents.  Parks and recreation add to the perks for folks living in the towns.  A lot of the towns on the list have local museums, historical societies and arts communities.

Carmel ranks No.1, scoring high on Economy.  Michigan and Minnesota tie with five spots on the list.  Maybe your town made the top 100 of America’s Best Places to Live?

All the Midwestern towns on the list in order of ranking and what they scored high on:

1. Carmel, IN, Economy

3. Eden Prairie, MN, Education

9. Overland Park, KS, Home Affordability

11. Woodbury, MN, Employment

12. Fishers, IN, Home Affordability

14. Eagan, MN, Health

19. Lakeville, MN, Education

22. Maple Grove, MN, Health

26. Troy, MI, Home Affordability

36. Bellevue, NE, Employment

37. West Bloomfield, MI, Home Affordability

39. O’Fallon, MO, Education

53. Naperville, IL, Education

57. Olathe, KS, Employment

61. Bolingbrook, IL, Arts & Leisure

71. St. Charles, MO, Education

74. Bismarck, ND, Employment

76. Florissant, MO, Education

78. Shelby, MI, Home Affordability

79. Fargo, ND, Employment

80. Wheaton, IL, Arts & Leisure

81. West Des Moines, IA, Home Affordability

84. Macomb, MI, Home Affordability

88. Iowa City, IA, Health

90. Ames, IA, Home Affordability

91. Grand Forks, ND, Economy

97. West Chester, OH, Home Affordability

99. Waukesha, WI, Employment

100. Ann Arbor, MI, Health


Lake Herrick

Lake Herrick in Wheaton

Congratulations to all the cities around the country that made the 100 ranking.  The whole story and details are at CNN Money.  It’s an interesting read.

4 responses to “Best Places to Live No. 1 in Indiana

  1. Very interesting! I am a little surprised that Macomb, MI made the list. Houses there are affordable but it may be hard to sell your house if you want to move.

    • The online includes more data on other pluses for the towns being chosen. I understand your point, it’s a shame, and it’s like that in Naperville and some of other towns chosen. Macomb sounds like a nice town. 🙂

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