Architectural Photography

Romanesque historical society

Romanesque historical society

Photographing architecture is traveling in time.  Different architectural designs take us back to ancient China, Greece, Italy, Spain; civilizations of Aztec and Anasazi; early coastal New England; mid-century prairie Midwest; and post-modern West Coast.    Photographing architecture and design details is a way to practice and capture lines, textures, patterns, long shots and shapes.  Architectural photography is a specialized field within photography.

Architectural Photography

“It is great fun for me to move through a space, see its evolution through time, season, weather, occupied, not occupied, etc. It is not about, “taking a picture of a building,” it is about the experience of “being.” Though I certainly have my ideas on how to shoot a building, I see myself as a collaborator. I really want to get inside the architect’s mind. It is then my responsibility to find those magical moments that embrace the vision.”  Brad Feinknopf, ArchDaily, January 2, 2012.

I like architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright, an innovative architect, is one of my favorite architects.  Cities and regions around the world have their own iconic styles.   A creative theme photography project I started for myself was to keep an eye out and a lens ready for architecture and design elements.  I think of perspective and framing a shot, and I learn through practice about angles, light and distance.

Famous Architectural Photographer

Julius Schulman self-portrait

Julius Shulman self-portrait

Julius Shulman, one of the most famous architectural photographers, known for his Case Study House #22 and photographic images of the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry and Pierre Koenig.  He was considered the photographic master of mid-century modern architectural style with a career spanning eighty years.  His photographs provide information on techniques for amateur and new photographers, and experts.

Visual Acoustics, documentary about Julius Shulman

Architectural photography is an intriguing specialty whether you prefer mid-century modern to Romanesque.  Do you like to photograph architecture and design?  Do you have a favorite architectural period, style or designer?   Why?  Please feel free to share a link to your architectural and design photography in the comments section.

A gallery of architectural and design elements photography:

11 responses to “Architectural Photography

  1. Thank you for this post. Architectural photography is a favorite subject of mine and no one does it better than Julius Shulman. What a remarkable man.

    We saw the Visual Acoustics documentary last year and it was outstanding. Thanks for including the trailer with your post.

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