Travel Theme – Animals

bay colt

bay colt

Where’s My Backpack Travel theme: Animals photo challenge is in celebration of World Animal Day.  I’m sharing a photo of a pony that was not taken in the wild, but I wish it was.  Celebrating World Animal Day and week is a wake up call for us on the status of state and national parks and preserves and ensuring their continued existence; and the wild animals in danger of extinction as efforts increase to take over and/or take away these lands.  In the last few years the danger to the American Mustang has increased.

The thunder of their hooves galloping over the ground could be heard from a distance as the wild American horses raced over Western valleys in herds–these living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West.    The horses that roamed free for centuries and are an iconic part of our Wild West that should continue to be wild.

Do we want to live in an America where the mustang, elk, buffalo, bear, big horn sheep, cougar and wolf only live in zoos?  Where will the wild horses roam?  Or will they become a folk tale of the old West?

Resources on American wild horses:

American Wild Horse Sanctuary

The Cloud Foundation

Saving America’s Mustangs

Wild Horse Education

Wild Horse Education.Org

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