Travel Theme – Couples

I’ve been thinking of the what it would be like to travel in a vintage car on a road trip.  One with eight cylinders under the hood.  Or ride an a train through the Old West.   I have two photos of couples that fit a travel theme and have a historic angle.

A classic couple of bold, colorful vintage cars from two eras in automotive history make an elegant statement on a side street in Crown Point, Indiana.  A blue roadster with a jump seat and a large, long burgundy Lincoln Continental caught my camera lens.

Classic Couple

classic cars

classic couple

The romance of train travel where two may meet in a dining car and their destinies intersect.  Hitchcock’s classic movie thriller, Strangers on a Train has a theme of a chance meeting leading two murder.  Or it could be two people sharing a conversation and a meal.

I took of photo of this couple at the Kankakee, Ill., Railroad Museum in a restored antique dining car filled with memorabilia and information on the Fred Harvey Company and the Harvey Girls.  Fred Harvey brought restaurants and romance to the Wild West.  He opened a chain of restaurants in western towns populated mainly with men; and hired and trained young women as wait staff.  As food was served, romance bloomed between the ladies and customers.  The women married local men and help forge communities.

Couple on a Train

couple in a dining car

couple in a dining car

There are more photos and images of interesting pairings at Where’s My Backpack Travel theme: Couples. What interesting couples have you come across?

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