Halloween Parade

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

Dressing up in costumes and parading and dancing around streets is a global good time practiced in different cultures and countries for various holidays.  Halloween is a holiday that appeals to the young and old with scary, sweet and funny costumes;  and candy and caramel apples.  Yesterday, I joined in the fun at a Halloween Hoedown.

It was a cool, sunny Saturday as I stood on the sidewalks along Main Street in downtown Lemont, Ill., with other people watching the Halloween Hoedown costume parade.  This was a small-town parade–there were no big bands or politicians–families and friends laughing and waving as they walked down the street in costumes.  The stores, cafes and barbershop were open with staff ready to provide treats, cookies and beverages for the trick-or-treaters in the parade as they marched through the town square.

antique fire truck

antique fire truck

A vintage bright red hook-and-ladder fire truck led off the parade followed by a black monster mobile with a giant spider on it.  A mix of all ages marched in the parade in an assortment of costumes from princess, bride to witches; aliens, astronauts and race car drivers; and so many others in elaborate costumes.  An owl in a multi-colored handmade felt costume caught my eye.

owl and sisters

owl and sisters

This was just the start of the day’s festivities that was followed with games, music, hayrides, ghost stories and fireworks.  Parade watchers smiled and laughed at the scary, sweet costumes especially the little red devil to a pink leopard.  Sometimes in big cities parades are so larger, crowded that it is overwhelming with crowds of people surging forward for their spot in line.  I have to arrive really early to get a good place in line; while others have camped out.   I don’t see much unless; I’m at a high vantage point or have a long telephoto lens.

In the mid-size and small town parades there are always good spots in line; and people talk to each other more rather than sticking with just their group.  In smaller towns at parades people are really neighborly; and that warms up parade goers even on cold days.  Being neighborly is a social art that should never go out of style no matter where or what size town we live in.

And, I came up with an idea for the costume while watching the parade.  More parade pictures:

Where are you going for Halloween?  Are you going to a haunted house?  Do you have a favorite Halloween costume or experience?  I’d like to hear about it.

Happy Halloween!

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