Feeling the Blue

I’m feeling the blue today, a calming, serene color of clear skies and waters.  It’s such a symbolic hue of many countries and in music and literature that is all around us everyday.  I’m having fun with the hues of blue in this collection of images:

Les Miserables with an operatic blue.

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

Don Quixote color because everyone tilts a couple windmills in their lives.



Liberty blue is a forever hue.

Statue of Liberty stamp

Statue of Liberty stamp

I’m wishing blue skies and calm waters to you.

blue skies and water

blue skies and water

Are you feeling the blue?  I’m visiting East of Malaga’s CBBH Photo Challenge Blue to see and join in with images in blue, and you can too.

14 responses to “Feeling the Blue

  1. OOHHH I’m feeling your BLUE as well! Love your windmill – perhaps I should have a challenge one month entitled Windmills of the World!

    Sending you blue skies and clear waters from southern Spain.

    Sending y

  2. Strange the title made me think of sadness. Feeling blue, feeling down. But you are stating feel blue as in feeling calm. I do feel calm when I feel blue, more down when I feel black!It is an expression in Spanish too, feeling black…………

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