A Bright Side of Life

marching band

marching band at Fourth of July parade

At a festival or celebration, I see the sunny side of people come out.  Their brightness, energy shines through in their expressions.  I also see their bright natures in the colorful costumes and clothing they where.

I’m excited to get that close up or special moment of an image people at an event or festival.  Their expressions and radiance is so bright.  It’s such a great place for street photography to capture a memory of a fun, colorful moment.

When I read about a Travel theme: Bright photo challenge, I thought about people’s bright natures and energy that never ceases to amaze me.  Do you have some bright, colorful photos to share?

Here are a few bright, colorful images:

orange and pink trick or treater

orange and pink trick or treater at Halloween parade

zoo carousel

father and daughter on zoo carousel

people watching for a race

people watching for a race

a little hot dog

a little hot dog in parade

What are your favorite events, holidays or festivals to photograph?

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