The Market Place

market place

shops and stores

If you’re traveling on a tour to a new city or country or just visiting the next town over, consider a walk around Little Italy, the historic district, market area where the small shops, stores and local museums sell one-if-a-kind, interesting items for sale.  We hear the words consumerism and marketing tossed about constantly, and they are two activities that work together on the small scale as well as for big brands and businesses.  Consumerism, is a social and economic activity, and marketing, is the process of communicating the value, promote, encourage and get us to buy goods and services.

You can  practice consumerism and save money and the environment too?  Every shoe has a sole, suit and coat a seam, and piece of furniture a frame that you may be able to have repaired, resoled, altered or reupholstered for reuse and a fresh style, and save money.

Check your pockets?  If you have some extra change or money in them and you are traveling or getting ready for the holiday gift buying, visit the market place and the little shop, bakery, cafe or store around the corner.  Shop and store owners are a marketplace community.  When you are touring a new town, ask a shop owner  about the special deals, sales and events going on in the city or neighborhood with other shops and stores.  I always ask for a recommendation on where to eat.  You can get in on sales that only the locals know about or get a better rate or seat at a restaurant.

I’ve learned about stores with huge sales, music and events at local cafes and gotten recommendations for shops and restaurants with a business card from the store owner to present at the event, store or bistro to receive a special discount or upgrade.

You can practice the art of consumerism at a farm stand, market or cafe; and in the process find something special and save a little money while helping a local economy.


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