Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods by the water the sun seems to hang motionless in the cloud-filled sky as birds fly and the movement of life in nature goes on around me.  There are soft shades of greenness in landscape in pale green reeds and rushes by water changing to yellow-green of moss and algae covered rocks.

This is a visual journey through landscape and a song to go with them.  A few nature photos in soft shades of green of reeds and rushes by the shore, plants and moss-covered rocks in a cool creek, water rushing down a tree-lined creek and the muted greens and blues in a reflective lake in the forest.  It makes me ponder the renewing spirit of nature and it’s resilience to grow new life again every spring after a long, cold winter.

Herrick Lake landscape

Herrick Lake landscape

The blue sky and piles of clouds are reflected in the water of the lake as if the clouds are resting on top of the water.

reeds and rushes

reeds and rushes

The reeds and rushes by the lake move in the breeze creating waves of green.  Their color contrasts against the dark muddy earth of the bank.

creek and grove of trees

creek and grove of trees in botanical garden

A creek curves between a grove of trees and courses downhill.

soft green

The cool waters run over moss and algae coated rocks in a creek.

Out of the Woods by Nickel Creek

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