Travel Theme – Wild, Mystical

field at sunset

field at sunset

I was travelling on Interstate 65 (I-65) in Indiana, nicknamed the Crossroads of America, because it has so many highways and byways crisscrossing across the central Midwestern state.  I decided to turnoff I-65 for a while and traverse a more scenic country road to gaze upon the wild prairies and farm fields.  The prairies and fields are green, pale gold and browns in the fall.

Somewhere west of De Motte in the open countryside, I stopped and took these photographs.  I pulled my car off the side of road by a wild prairie, bordering a farm field.  I’d probably never find this same spot again.  It was just by luck that I stopped there.  It had the mystical feel of the country at sunset; the soft colors of the wild grasses and the sun setting over the landscape.  I saw a buck whitetail deer leap in tall grasses a blur of movement to fast for me to catch with my camera.

I was looking through my photos this morning with coffee and came across these digital photos I took.  I remembered the rustle of the grasses in the wind, the thistles and the sunset.  For Where’s My Backpack Travel theme: Mystical, I wanted to share a second post of photos taken in a wild, mystical Indiana countryside.


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