Windmill at Sunset

Windmill at Sunset

Windmill at Sunset

A prairie windmill silhouettes a landscape as the sun sets and a gentle breeze ripples the water on a lake.  There are three forms of natural energy resources in this scenic setting: sun, water and wind.

An idle windmill on a windless day is still a beautiful sight.  The smock windmill has four giant sails, a wallflower wheel and great spur wheel that all move with the motion of the wind to turn millstones and grind grain into flour.  It’s a shame wind turbine farms aren’t as scenic as the romantic wooden windmill in the distance.  The tall metal turbines can’t match the old-fashioned charm of a windmill; and can sometimes interfere and injury migratory birds.

wind energy

wind energy

smock windmill

smock windmill

Wouldn’t it be a sight and photographer’s delight if more windmills were put back into service?

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21 responses to “Windmill at Sunset

  1. I Create my Windmill through my imagination , lol I forgot the wheel must look like that .Beautiful entry my friend for this week theme 🙂

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  3. I never saw one of these up close and personal. There are some more ‘modern’ types in Atlantic City, but I still am awestruck at the sight of them. Great post. 🙂

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