Sky and Lake Series

I like how Claude Monet, French Impressionist painter, painted the same grove of poplar trees in different seasons in his Poplar Series.  So I decided to try it with a camera instead of a paintbrush to create a sky and lake series of landscape photographs in different light.  I wanted to see and explore the interplay of light on the lake through landscape photography.

Claude Monet Poplars Autumn

Claude Monet Poplars Autumn

I’ve roamed around this lake, actually called Sag Slough, taking pictures of wildlife while walking the trails and knew the different vantage points.  I returned to the same lookout point by the lake over a period of days at different times.  The lake is freezing over with a thin layer of ice smoothing out the surface of the water and changes reflections.  And, I saw how the light on a rainy morning to evening bathed the sky and lake in varying colors.

Let me know which light you like the best?

Sky and Lake Series


If you have a favorite grove of poplar trees, lily pad filled pond or lake; have you tried photographing it at different times of days or seasons?


14 responses to “Sky and Lake Series

  1. I like the one on the upper left best. I have always loved B&W type photos, well actually brown tinted. Great work! Thanks for sharing.
    Paul R. Hewlett

    Paul R. Helweltt

  2. Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming. I surprised to see the difference in colors from late afternoon, evening, rainy morning, etc. by the change sunlight. I just had to remember what spot I stood in. 🙂

  3. I just realized that I’ve been missing A LOT! I didn’t know that if I turn my iPad in landscape mode, I see all of your photos. And if I hold it in portrait mode, I only see two. This changes things for me! I wonder what else I’ve been missing!! So, to rephrase that, blue, bottom left! I’m glad I stopped by ;-).

  4. Yes. On my way into town…a whole line of them. They are such beautiful trees. I should hunt through my shots and see how many I do have. Beautiful shots 🙂 You’ve inspired me … I’m going to post some shots of our lake … I have probably hundreds at different times.

  5. Hard to select a favourite….they all show the lake in such different light. I think the 2 evening shots are gorgeous. A favourite time to paddle!

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