A Word A Week Challenge – Light

Whiting snowman and clock

Snowman and tree lights

I saw the lights of a faraway place in A Word A Week Challenge – Light, and I gazed at the brightly colored images.  What does light mean to me?  In a Midwestern December, it means sunshine and holiday lights.

These photos were taken in Whiting, a small town with solid working class roots and a historic downtown with buildings from the 1900-1910’s, cobblestone streets, and shops and stores.  It’s famous for its annual Pierogi Fest, a celebration of Polish-style stuffed dumplings, and beautiful beach on Lake Michigan.

It is in the tip of northwest Indiana, wedged in between industry and manufacturing plants and is just a drive or boat trip away from Chicago.

People park their cars and walk to stop at the bakery, cafe or Wolf Lake.  In December the storefronts and street lamps are festooned in holiday decorations.  Trees are covered in multi-color lights.  Snowman, toy soldiers and other holiday and religious decorations fill the yards and the town.

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