Baby, It’s Cold Outside



Baby, it’s cold outside.  Why not escape the winter cold for some Christmas heat, color inside a warm conservatory filled with Christmas trees and holiday flowers?  I did.

I enjoy gazing at town squares decked out for the holiday season with Christmas trees, holiday lights, music and more.  To warm you up with good cheer, here are photos of Christmas trees.  A Christmas tree of chrysanthemums taken at the Wilder Park Conservatory, in Elmhurst.

Wilder Park Conservatory tree

Wilder Park Conservatory tree

After I warmed up, I walked over to Wilder Park filled with more Christmas cheer, a community Christmas trees sponsored by various groups and decorated by volunteers, many of them children.  The trees circle the park and each tree is showcases a different theme.

She & Him, Baby It’s Cold Outside

Now, I need some hot chocolate.

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Historic Frankfort, Ill.,  has a charming town square is also decked out in Christmas tree and lights with music playing.  An earlier post on Frankfort, Old Country Town and Trail.

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