Water and Wood

Salt Creek

Salt Creek

Salt Creek

If the weather’s nice and there isn’t a lot of snow or ice on the ground, hiking a trail is a nice respite after the holidays.  It’s a way to walk of cookies and other treats.


Salt Creek view

Just a thought as I gaze on a reflection of wood on water at Salt Creek.

 A Word of the Week Challenge: Wood


Salt Creek Trail is a long, scenic hike along a trail, by a waterfall and old mill and nature center.  I’ve written about it in other posts:

A Day in Nature

Photos of an Old Mill



14 responses to “Water and Wood

  1. Always nice to get out and about after being cooped up. We were strolling the riverbanks in Durham this morning. Peaceful, though a bit muddy. Beautiful photos.

  2. I actually saw this post first before the mill. My first thought was how many Salt Creek’s are there and my second was is she in DesPlaines? I lived near Salt Creek one time when it went over the banks; the second time I worked near it and it flooded my workplace up to the mezzanine level. I lived near the Fox River at that time and the Fox River nearly went over its banks too.

    Your photos are beautiful. I know you visit my blog frequently; sorry I haven’t been by here sooner. You have some nice work and I look forward to seeing more of it.


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